Z953 Vancouver

December means Z953 had to make some Christmas wishes come true! I got to film the Z Christmas wishes for the 2018 year. It was a really touching time t hear some of these stories and attempt to help make their wishes come true!



I went behind the camera to help produce the videos for Sutto's (the Drive Show) show as two groups of listeners and him went to Moose's Down Under to WING's to tackle some of Vancouver's popular food challenges.

It was fun using what I've learned in class towards a project for the radio station I work for. With tight deadlines, what I learned from these projects was finding ways to communicate what they want without seeing each other face to face.

Watch to see if they completed the challenge and if they Food Gang will continue. (https://www.z953.ca/suttos-food-gang/)

The Bachelor is one of the fundamental shows Z953 loves supporting, watching and crying to. I got to film the event and all I can say is that there were a lot of tears and emotions were high!