Willa, Ali Milner, a BC native, discussed her background and her experience and passion for the entertainment industry. Her style of music is dark electric pop, which has an amazing beat and unique vibe. Growing up in Whistler, Willa found her passion for music at her local choir. After that she knew that performing was the end goal. She got into acting later on in her life and has been finding a good balance between both arts.  WILLA, her stage name, is actually her middle name.

She writes her own music too and I also asked her the puzzling question of “which was the most difficult song to produce,” she ended it with saying that some songs are more effortless, then others are difficult that you may think that nothing fits or will ever be right. Also recently moving to Toronto, Willa has begun a new journey to find new inspirations and meet new people. We can definitely expect fresh music and projects. She said the process of some tours are in the works too.

This interview was really interesting because once again it was a phone interview, which isn't always the easiest because you can't see any physical interaction so you're limited to more genuine interactions and reactions