Vance Joy


Syd the Intern is back! Vance Joy closed his North American Leg of the Nation of Two tour at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby. Continuing to learn how to do in person, on camera interviews, I've found myself still bundled with nerves. As often as someone could watch this and say you don't seem nervous, I'd say and reassure you... I was nervous. Interviewing a person you've chatted to with before can be easier because you know how they'll react, but it could also be more difficult because you've talked to them before about the basic things.

This interview was a challenge because of certain distraction with being outside, if that's natural sound - wind, birds etc. to people in the crowd getting ready to see Vance Joy and yelling from a far off distance. Overall this interview was a huge learning experience with having wind sockets on the mics, being prepared for things to go a different way and making sure we could hear each other and keep the interview flowing.

All the way from Melbourne, Australia. Vance Joy (James Keogh), started his 2017 Lay it On Me Tour in Vancouver. This was my first in person interview, so the pressure was on. I had a blast interviewing this artist I've looked up to for a while now. Seeing the person in front of you is completely different that talking through a phone. It was a challenge at first, but after I got a bit more comfortable. 

I really wanted Vance Joy to feel comfortable so I started the it with a fun question... Kermit and the Muppets, which he loves. Discussing about his previous tour, there's a special connection with him and his fans. Meeting them and giving special invites to stand out fans alongside using merchandise designs from a lucky fan too. Vance Joy is a genuine person and you could see his passion burn. Talking a bit more about being on the road, he loves it when he sees the crowd getting into his shows. The popular term "dance for Vance" continuously comes us, and he always enjoys seeing a crowd having a good time.

Since his hit song, Riptide, his fandom has continued to grow over the years. Another incredible artist who writes their own music, you can tell that there are certain elements that must be in a song to make it fun. With James, he loves horns and of course his guitar and ukulele. Seeing him live after the interview was a perfect way to end the night. To witness all we talked about in real life, really proved why he's in this industry.