The Aces

The Utah rockers, The Aces, made a stop in Vancouver while on tour with Coin. Their artistic music caught my attention when I was looking for music to play on Evolution 1079. Lead singer and drummer are sister who started this band at the age of 8 and 10, meaning this band has been together for over a decade. 

Being so tight knit has formed a more genuine authentic sound. Each band mate is so different, but they all mesh well together. They're launching their first full length album When My Heart Felt Volcanic in a few weeks. Their fandom is slowly growing and it won't be far when their own headlining tour happens.

"Stuck" their first single, stuck me with a summer, high beat vibe. It was literally stuck in my head for a while. When I found out they were coming to Vancouver I was ecstatic.  I did this interview the day after the Why Don't We one, so I put the group knowledge and the amount of people in the group into consideration with how I'd ask the questions.