Shawn Hook

Shawn Hook, a local BC boy, has made it big in the music industry from his hit single "Sound of Your Heart." I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with him about his life on the road to his up and coming music. So genuine and passionate about what he does, Shawn was amazing to talk to.

I began with some fun questions to break the ice. We discussed about the pranks that happened on the road. He went on to tell me about how he has been working on new music. His new upcoming single has a female feature alongside his well known piano skills. Fans are definitely excited for some new stuff.

Prepping for this interview I wanted the main focus to be the fans. All the information I hoped to get from Shawn was to give some new information to the fans. Having some in depth questions, I missed some obvious follow up questions after re listening to the interview. Follow up questions are something I do need to work on. It's definitely not easy to come up with questions while listening at the same time. The professionals know how to do it well making them as high up as they are.

I also learned how to do phone call interviews which are totally different from in person interviews.  I discovered how to record through the board to making phone calls off the computer. Overall it was an amazing experience and I had a ton of fun learning.