Scott Helman


Scott Helman, Toronto based artist, opened for Vance Joy on his Nation of Two tour. They finished off in Burnaby, BC at Deer Lake Park. With the difficulties and simplicities of interviewing someone I've previously chatted with before, sometimes you can forget that this is a formal piece that is being used to promote not only the outlet you're with, but the artist. Getting too comfortable can lead to losing your track of mind and steering the train off the tracks.

With every interview it's a challenge because it's a new track you've never been on before. Sometimes certain tracks are easier to navigate others may be the most twisted and bumpy road you could go on, but you have to get to the end point either way as smoothly as possible. I'm still learning and it's a challenge, but this is my interview with Scott Helman.

Scott Helman, Toronto native ended his co-headlining tour with Ria Mae in Vancouver. He stopped to chat about some of the previous projects he's worked on from Solve the Solvable, to his music videos in a far off city in California to the release of his latest full length album.

We had a ton of fun doing the interview, at some points dysfunctional. With many bloopers, I felt comfortable, which allowed for Helman to feel comfortable. I did my research giving me the chance to expand with his answers. At such a young age, Scott has accomplished and realized so much, it's really inspiring to many, especially the "youth."

Being a fan of his too, I did get a little nervous with my giggles, but I tried my best to keep my cool and move along with the interview. Overall, I think it went well. I had a ton of fun.