Say Anything

Say Anything is a radio show that involves a group of friends discussing about popular current topics. Casual and quick we discuss about many topics in a few minutes. Listen to it in on your phone, at home or in you car, we launched our show on Sound Cloud.

We always have a fun time in the recording booth. We pre planned our discussion topics as usual so we knew what we were going to talk about during our show. Searching for topics that were relevant to our listeners and focused towards our audience we grabbed what we thought would be the best. Always enjoying the live session because one the mics are on we're going full speed ahead. We may make mistakes but that's all a part of the learning process. Finding a good pace was key. Debating how long we should stay on one topic, without dragging it or briefing too little upon it, was another learning process. After doing a couple of shows we started to know the feeling when it started to drag or when we should talk more in-depth about the topic etc.

Transitioning was another obstacle. How or when do you change topics? Do you jump into the next topic suddenly? How do you find that smooth transition? We found strings that kind of tied the topics together and pulled it through to hopefully make the transitions simple and smooth for the listeners. 

With special guests who gave us a deeper insight and knowledge about our current topic, we tried to incorperate a wide variety of people. It always kept it interesting and the audience would want to know who would be this weeks special guest?

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Episode 4

This week we discussed about the Vancouver Canucks. Losing one of our veterans and welcoming a new generation hockey player, we host two special guests, Mike Tagami and Kellan Tochkin.

Following those topics we discussed the Oscars, B.C.'s new minimum wage and the opening of the Trump Tower.

Episode 3

The third installment is now available. Shauny is back!

We discussed about Pink Shirt Day with a special guest, Hannah Dobie. McDonald's also has a new feature to their menu too. Check out our third episode of Say Anything!

Episode 2

Back for a new episode, in our second show Shauny was missing? Where did she go?

We  were also joined by Brandon who discussed his knowledge about the entertainment world which focused on the Grammy's.

Following that was Valentine's Day discussions to more SNL controversies.

Episode 1

We started off with introducing our cast: Shauny, Autumn, Brad, Riley and I

We had a special guest, Nick, come into studio to give us the insider about the Super Bowl.

For our premiering episode, we discussed about the Super Bowl, Stranger Things, and the Vancouver super storm.