Ryland James

Canada's newest artist, Ryland James, Toronto native, talks about his up and coming music, previous tours and support from many successful artists from within the industry. Like any other kid, you'd dream about being in the music industry, posting YouTube covers, building that fandom and being supported by your idols. Ryland James made all of that look seamless. Posting YouTube covers of his favourite artists like Shawn Mendes, One Direction, Ed Sheeran etc. Tyler Shaw another Canadian artist saw and reached out to James changing his entire career. Later we see Ryland touring alongside Alessia Cara to Scott Helman. 

He got his start from watching another kid perform on a talent search show. With his families support, he took it to the next level. All of this hard work paid off after one of his idols, Shawn Mendes tweeted him about his music. His fandom began to expand like a wild fire. Becoming one of Roots 2017 faces for the Sweat Style campaign, everyone around Canada saw his happy smile. Now with his first single launched, Good to You, hits the emotional side with soul and pop vibes. A deep vibrato voice, Ryland James has a unique sound you'll instantly know when heard. 

With a lot more in his back pocket, everyone is excited to see where this guy will be in the next few years. His fame might just grow as fast as his idols like Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes. Listen to the full interview with Ryland James here.