Red Robinson

 Without people like Red Robinson, music might not even be as profound as today because Rock and Roll is the reason music lives. Red was the first Canadian DJ to play Rock n Roll music. Someone who started at the teenage time, it was a huge risk to be playing these "racial" sounds. That didn't stop Red.

Taking his time to talk to some curious Radio students really meant the world, not only to us, but to those who have looked up to Red after all of these years. Learning so much from someone who lived through it all was incredible. It's not everyday you meet someone who MC'd for Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Alongside that, my friends and I were fortunate enough to see the teddy bear that Elvis gave to Red. Listen to the interview to see how that all happened. After, he grabbed a cardboard box that had archives within, out of a letter sleeve comes a newspaper material with a photo of Buddy Holly and the crickets, signed with a black pen. All of these people were his friends. He acts so nonchalant about it all. Most would be lucky to have even seen one of the many he has met live.

Standing there in amazement, even getting the chance to interview him was such a privilege. This day will forever be in the books. He may be retired, but Red still lives everyday vibrantly and humorously. Quite honored.