Currently a first year student at BCIT Radio Arts program, I've been working more and more towards a career in this industry. On-air work can refer to commercial work, on-air personality etc. There have been many different ways I have learned to keep my voice tension free, relaxed and confident. Reading through a script, garbing the full idea and thinking of ways you can manipulate your voice/ character to offer the best performance I definitely a challenge, but it's always fun finding new characters.

At first I was nervous to do my personality shift, there are so many things you have running through your mind when you're on air. "Don't mess up... Pace yourself...Be confident... One to one conversation." During my shift, I relaxed, it wasn't too bad. I was confident, I knew what I was talking about, I had fun with it. The more and more I got into it, the more I seemed to enjoy it. I could se myself being an on-air personality one day.

On Air