Taking photos and capturing my life in seconds. My radio life and my regular life are my two places right now. I have a passion for photography too. I'm artsy and just love capturing the moment. Most of my photos only come from my phone, so they aren't as high quality as a Canon Rebel or so on. My dad always said to me that I had a keen eye for things. I see the world differently compared to others, we all do. So this is where you can see my perspective on things. Vancouver Nature and the city are the main places I capture. At school, it's anything that seems relevant. So because my everyday life is more personal, I put my best photos forward.

BCIT Radio Life

My life here at BCIT has changed for the better. At first I was terrified to move on towards a new life. Here I've took photos of my new adventures in this program.


The Beauty of Everyday Life

I love life. I live it to the fullest every single day. Never taking any day for granted, I enjoy everything life has to offer. I do this by taking photos of my everyday vision.