Pop Medley

I got to perform at SVNH for a Lunar New Year festival. Showcasing my piano and vocal skills, I played four songs for a enthusiastic audience. Everytime I looked out there would be someone singing, smiling or dancing along. The crowd was amazing. I had such a fun time!

On My Own

My first performance at a seniors home. I took it back to do a Broadway song, On My Own from Les Miserable. This song took a lot of emotion to pour into. The lighting is obviously not the best, but the music is what matters. I had an amazing time with this crowd. They seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I trained with this song for a long time because time and my experience still needed more development.

Life of the Party x Shawn Mendes

This was my very first performance with a guitar in front of an audience. I was practicing day and night making sure it seemed like I knew what I was doing. Technical difficulties kicked in and that's why the video is mid start. I really wanted to learn how to play guitar, I didn't have anyone to teach me, so what's better than self teaching? This was for a school talent show and it was definitely memorable.


This performance was put together very sudden. Corrie, my former vocal coach, and I worked hard to create a fun duet through Sara Bareilles - Brave. I loved the harmonies we created. We had a little sing along with the crowd at the end too. You could see from my smile that I had a fun time!