On Air

Being a radio personality to being a news desker, these on air shifts are not the easiest thing. Like most, I typically get nervous before my shift and try to breath out all my tension. Working on any on air shift, you have to prepare well prior to going live. Starting with on air personality, I had to prep about ten stories to tell in between songs and segments. It's definitely more fun  getting to tell personal stories that could be relevant to the listeners. I was taught to picture that you're talking to your best friend, so you can be the most comfortable and casual. One to one is also the same idea. Making sure you aren't yelling across the room when the microphone is right in front of your face. When I was on air, I had to handle the board which is making sure the songs, commercials and segments played at the cued time etc.

Being a news or sports desker, I had to find the stories earlier that day and prep my script. Finding stories from trusted new sites to the mother load - Burli, I later generated my scripts and formed a full cast. For me these two are the more difficult on air positions because they are topics I'm not familiar with. As well, these stories are not mine. They happened to someone else, so I don't have the full connection with it as to a personality bit. It is more work to make it sound like I was talking to one person because I was focusing more so on the stories. A tough challenge that practice will be able to correct.

Syd Show Demo

the end of the radio program has approached. OVer the years I learned so much about on air work. To begin it seemed simple enough, but there was so many layers I didn't know about changing the entire ball game. From breathing, to storytelling to cueing the next thing. It has been a fun time. Here is my solo on air demo that features sweeps, breaks to teases.

It took a long time to finally more or less feel like I knew what I was doing. It also feels more natural and conversational, which has been the goal since day one.



Brad and Syd Show Snippet

Nearing the end of media lab, I partnered with Brad Maas to take on the morning show on Evolution 1079. From the beginning, of the three week show, to the last day a lot has changed. We learned how to pace, bounce ideas off of each other to prepping stories with another voice in the room. It was a lot of fun, I definitely found myself enjoying it more so than a solo show.

Evolution Sports Read

Sports is a love hate sort of relationship for me. There are so many facts to know when it comes to this massive umbrella. I took on the challenge to read the sports and I enjoyed it a lot. It's fun getting to add a bit more personality to the read, compared to reading the news.

On Air Personality Demo

This was my  first on air demo. It features and captures a range of things I can do on air. On this demo you'll find song intros to back sells and bits. It features a cross over as well and a liner that shows a contest our station is doing too. Learning more over the time, I've noticed things in this demo that could be improved on. At points it's a bit cringy listening back to it.


On Air Personality Shift

This was my very first on air personality shift. I was so nervous. The first thing that happened was the system froze which made things a lot worse for me, but I continued on as if nothing happened. I was screaming on the inside, but obviously you can't do that on the air. I casually continued to tell my stories and share the music our station plays over my hour shift. You can never expect what could happen during a shift, so I played it cool and kept going.