Music is a huge passion of mine. Something about it keeps drawing me back to it. Playing, creating or just listening will make my day. It's more than just sounds and beats, music is powerful to an infinite range of possibilities. We can create stories, movies in the mind and so much more through the sounds and words of a creative mind.

Growing up with a musical background, playing the piano, guitar, violin and vocals, I have a broad range of instruments to play with. Guitar is actually difficult. I've had just over fifteen years of piano lessons, and there is still so much to learn. I self taught, but I definitely have a lot more to learn. Violin is such a delicate interments that may look simple enough, but has a lot more secrets then it comes off as. Maybe I have a thing for stringed instruments. All I know is that music is something irreplaceable. I will never get enough of it. 

One day, I had a lot of emotions that needed to be expressed, but I didn't know how to channel them properly. Song writing was what helped me. I wrote down all of my emotions on to a sheet of paper and let the words flow. Later, I'd add a melody to set the tone. the best songs were when I didn't plan on writing anything. The song literally would form itself.

Occasionally, I would write the lyrics first and then find a rhythm to go along with it. Other times I would feel the beat so I'd play the piano or guitar spontaneously, then add lyrics to go along. Writing makes me calm and also shows my own voice rather than singing and telling stories that other people have already written.

Don't get me wrong I do love creating covers and finding my own unique way to take on a story someone else has already written. It's always fun to watch how others interpret their stories too. We all have such diverse minds that create unique stories.

In the future, if I could do anything within the entertainment industry, producing music, performing etc. I would love to do that. It would be work, but because it's something I'm so passionate and love to do, it wouldn't feel like work to me. No matter what I will always have music because for some reason it never leaves me. It's in my soul and heart. I know that music is a thing that I will never stop loving and living.