Journalism is a broad category, but it involves written work such as reviews and interviews. Growing on both sides of the spectrum, I've learned how to create good stories. I'm still working at how to make both better. Learning a ton in this first year, I have been trying to gain as much knowledge and experience as I possible can.

For reviews I focus on entertainment events and activities, like movies, musicals, and concerts. Writing a review may seem easy, but of course there is work that goes into it. The point of not solely stating the obvious things, but attempting to go into depth and put the more interesting things are the goal. Being an expert in knowing what you're talking about isn't easy.

For interviews, I want to focus on musicians and people in the entertainment industry. I'm fond of that industry and that's my beat. I love trying to find new out of the box types of questions to learn things people may not know. That definitely isn't easy though. Background research is key.

There's a lot of work put into setting up the interview, figuring out what you're going to ask, in what order will you ask it, where and when it will happen etc. Initially when I was young, I though these people are so cool they get to ask these people anything they want and have fun. That is now obvious to me it was false. There is so much strategy and work put into it. I love the work though, it's intriguing because it's risking and unpredictable.

Entertainment Reviews