Interviews With Syd Wong

I've gotten the chance to learn interviewing skills and techniques over my first year in the Radio Arts and Entertainment program. Currently in my second year, I'm starting to progress forward. I've really developed a love for it. It's definitely a bit nerve wracking because if you interview someone you don't know much about, you need to do as much back research as you possibly can while creating the best questions to keep it engaging and interesting. After a bit of practice, I've started to form a more solid ground, but there's never a point where I will know everything. Practice and practice is what will help me become less nervous.

I do enjoy talking to people and learning as much as I can about them or the topic discussed. During these interviews I always learn something new. The best question will always be, do you have anything else to add? This is where the subject gets to talk about what they wanted to, if they haven't already. They pour their hearts out and its a gold rush.

Scott Helman

   Ria Mae

Vance Joy

 Why Don't We

Shawn Hook

 The Aces

Mike Sleath

Tyler Shaw


Ryland James

Mathew V

  Red Robinson

Spencer West

Alexandre 'Sacha' Trudeau

Daniel Davis Yang

Kiki Rowe

Daniel McBurnie


Silken Laumann