Downloadable Love

Downloadable Love. A documentary about the old school offline dating to new school online dating. We got insight from different perspectives from online to offline and the overall progression. This was a group project with Mckenna Reubens and Nick Toren. We created everything from ashes. As a group we came up with a topic. We later found research about the topic to become experts on it. From that we determined who would be ideal interview subjects to share a unique and informative amount of information.

Grabbing four different people, we asked similar questions about their idea on the dating scene today. From people who found love online to offline and someone who can help you find or fix your relationships, we grabbed a good variety. Forming the documentary, we scripted an informative and engaging documentary. Adding sound effects and music, I saw the entire documentary, that we've been working all term on, finally form. Finalizing the product, Downloadable Love is actually downloadable on Sound Cloud.

I'm so happy with how it turned out. It isn't easy to form a documentary let alone have it be ~15 minutes. IT was a fun learning experience. We got to see all the different layers that are needed in order to create and produce an audio documentary.



The Big Brother Canada Culture ft. Jordan Parhar

I recently got the opportunity to interview Jordan Parhar from Big Brother Canada season 3. Together we discussed the Big Brother Canada culture. The interview process was really interesting. I prepared questions a head of time, rehearsed and, during, I asked follow up questions that I thought would get me a deeper insight on information.

This interview was plugged into a documentary style podcast. I added narration to create a more in depth story. When you hear the documentary, you'll learn some things about Big Brother Canada and how it can change someones life. Many are obsessed with going into the game and living the full experience, but Jordan stated some flip side statements which don't involve all the glory and glam. 

I had an awesome time producing and editing this podcast. I think it all came along together fairly well. Jordan was awesome to work with, he was really willing to tell his story. That made it easy for both side because if he was willing to tell his story,. I was able to ask the questions and dig deeper.