Daniel Davis Yang

Vancouver's young actor, Daniel Davis Yang scored a lead role in one of CBC's latest comedy shows, Crawford. The show was created by, Trailer Park Boys, Mike Clattenburg. Daniels character, Brian is close with his father played by John Carroll Lynch. Mentioned in the interview, they all have their weird backstories, that all find a way to mesh together and cause stranger things to happen. Brian's trait is that he's balding and in the show you get to see how that affects the way he lives on a daily basis. 

Yang started acting in his high school year, found a passion and grew from there. His high school teacher gave him some inspiration and guided him in the right direction.

Appearing in the pilot of Riverdale he knows there's many opportunities for him to grow and expand. 

Being a fan of script writing, he plans on creating his own screen play with some of his friends and roommates someday.