Good for Grapes – Dan McBurnie

Lead vocals in a local band known as Good for Grapes, Daniel McBurnie discussed new music, upcoming shows and more. Good for Grapes originating in Vancouver, BC. This 7 person band rocks with folk pop tunes. Discussing about upcoming music, Dan mentioned a less folk type of album. Working on the album as we spoke, he was excited to be launching new music for dedicated fans. As a whole they write their own music,  which always allows a more genuine feel and better story telling. Their songs are quite captivating and engaging.

Touching upon an upcoming show at Surrey's Canada Day, he talked about Surrey being one of the places where he had memorable teenage memories. We all have that place where we've made mistakes or had the best times of our lives. Skipping Stone being a massive single over the years, there was an obvious mention about that songs success. Alongside all their other amazing songs, this band continues to grow strong.

With random casual conversation, near the end he talks about a unique trip that happened at the famous Tim Hortons. Listen to my full interview with Daniel McBurnie and find out how about the election and what happened at Tim Hortons...