Riptide x Vance Joy

Vance Joy is such a distinct artist. I've done many takes on this song, on my Instagram, Twitter and now on Sound Cloud. It's a really simple cover. I adore Vance Joy for his unique and creative taste with music. He took risks with this song and I really appreciate it, so this cover of Riptide was really fun to create.

Starving x Zedd ft. Hailee Steinfeld

This song is one of my favorites. I love Hailee Steinfeld. Her and Zedd created a masterpiece, so I did an acoustic take on this EDM song. I enjoyed adding different layers to the song, such as the back beat or during the instrumental outbreaks. The harmonies, I felt, were a sweet addition to the whole song making it more unique. Definitely one of the covers I'm more proud of.

Reminding Me x Shawn Hook

I hear Shawn Hook perform this song way back in February during the Last Crusade Tour. He later released it with a female feature, as most would know her - Vanessa Hudgens. I heard it and was like I have to cover this song. It was originally composed with piano so I thought it'd be ever better to have the proper roots. 

Like This x Shawn Mendes

This song is perfect for piano. Shawn Mendes wrote this beautiful song and I had to cover it because of its amazing flow and emotional impact. Right when I start playing the introduction, you already know the feel and emotion behind then song. This was my take on the song and I wanted to put a certain emotion into the song.

Treacherous x Taylor Swift

This song is from Taylor Swift's "Red" album. The bridge of this song is so passionate and firey that I had to cove it. I love how the piano goes so well with the song. Even though my playing was simple, I believe that it fits because to me there isn't a lot of leeway when falling down a treacherous pathway. It's simple but rough. I love covering this song. I always find myself playing it whenever I get the chance to.

Criminal x Tyler Shaw

I recently saw Tyler perform this live, and was inspired to cover this song myself. The chord progression was consistent throughout the whole song. It didn't take long to learn it as a whole. Because it was a live, one take, cover I couldn't add on layers, which I could've done if I had per-recorded it.