Audio Production

Here in the audio production area ranges from any audio files - commercials, splitters, interviews etc. I created all of the audio mixed and edited all of these products.

I really enjoy working with audio especially music. you may be able to tell from my dedication and addiction to producing the best work I can make. I love create things to share a new perspective or take on things. Adding or changing the audio, adding effects can make the whole thing a whole new story. The variety is key because you don't want all of your commercials to sound the exact same or all of your interviews to have the act same questions. Diversity and uniqueness are what I believe make me stand out.

Evolution 1079 Commercial Production

Being on the production side of things is probably one of my favorite things because you have to create images through solely audio. Here are some of the commercial I produced that focus on creating images in your mind to form a story. They are commercials so I could've easily gotten a person to go into the booth, read their lines and post that, but the use of sound effects and different reads creates a whole new effect.

I definitely learned a lot from just being a producer. It may seem like you're just making commercials, but you have to learn how to critique your voicers to sound the way you want the whole commercial to sound to the background of the commercial, how you want to create the story and vibes etc.

Evolution Radio Splitters

During the first week of SIMS, in the BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment program, I was in charge of Station Imaging. I got to produce some music and radio splitters for the station. I tried to show the wide variety of music our station plays. With a simple change in pitch or adding small effects on your voice, you can create a much more interesting audio sample.

Again, editing and producing is the alley I want to fall into. What made it even more fun was working with music to create the music splitters. Anything with music and production was ideal so it was fun to kick off SIMS with something that I could see myself part taking in one day.

The idea process was a bit difficult at first, because this was the beginning. I had to come up with the first original bundle of ideas, nothing to compare my splitters to.