Alexandre ‘Sacha’ Trudeau

A Canadian filmmaker and inspirational speaker, Alexandre 'Sacha' Trudeau, stopped by at Vancouver's We Day. He discussed his travel stories and things one could do with their life. After traveling many times to China, he got inspired to write a book about this progressive diverse country. Trudeau's, first book takes a look at the dynamic changes this country has been undergoing. The amount of information supplied from this interview does not do the book justice, there is definitely a load more within the book, Barbarian Lost. Not only China, but many other locations, Trudeau preaches about the benefits of travel. Getting into the position of exploration and not staying inside, he enjoys sharing information about that side of life. 

With We Day, he loves walking on the We Stage because of the youth being so energetic as they are. When I walked into the arena for the first time, I felt all of the positive excited youth who have all earned their way into the event. Positive and uplifting, the day was so special because of their strategy to only allow those who have earned their way in through volunteer hours, helping out in the community, creating unique organizations etc.

Also, with the short amount of time given, I learned that it's more difficult to find prominent questions. With a larger time span you can start to weave in follow up questions, but here it was like grabbing the top contenders and letting them perform their best. Which occasionally works, but sometimes can make the interview a bit choppy. That's what I learned from this interview.