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Welcome to The Hangout! This is a music based vidcast hosted by myself on YouTube. We showcase musical talent and artists, promote their work, and go behind the creations of their projects and passion. My goal is to dive into their love and dig deeper than the surface level questions.

You can find all episodes on YouTube or on my website here. Sit back, relax and enjoy stories from lovers of music.


Fake Shark - Invincible Behind the Scenes

I had the opportunity to shoot a behind the scenes video for Vancouver's electronic indie-pop band, Fake Shark. Directed by the Soska Sisters, the music video featured glass shards to slithering reptiles. I shot stills on the set too, so to multitask was a challenge, but a lot of fun! The whole crew on this shoot was so fun and encouraging to everyone. I was so fortunate.

Thank you Light Organ Records and the Soska Sisters for making this an unforgettable shoot! You can follow Fake Shark here: https://www.instagram.com/fakeshark/