Sol - Crazy8s Short Film

One of my teachers told me about this thing called the Crazy8's Film Competition when I first started the TV and Video Production Program at BCIT. After that moment, I was motivated to participate and hopefully be fortunate enough to take part on one of the six films that get produced every year. Launching into 2020 I had no idea I'd get the oppourtunity to take part on one of the sets, Sol. Directed by the talented Andy Alvarez, this short film was such a pleasure to be a part of and watch come to life.

I was invited to be a behind the scenes videographer for this innovative and heartfelt short. Capturing interviews from the cast and crew, and showcasing the environment on set, I edited a 2-3 minute behind the scenes video for the short. Later, I got to attend the Crazy8's Gala, which was a blast and an experience for sure!

Fake Shark - Invincible Behind the Scenes

I had the opportunity to shoot a behind the scenes video for Vancouver's electronic indie-pop band, Fake Shark. Directed by the Soska Sisters, the music video featured glass shards to slithering reptiles. I shot stills on the set too, so to multitask was a challenge, but a lot of fun! The whole crew on this shoot was so fun and encouraging to everyone. I was so fortunate.

Thank you Light Organ Records and the Soska Sisters for making this an unforgettable shoot! You can follow Fake Shark here: https://www.instagram.com/fakeshark/

Ruel Rocks Vancouver - LINK MAGAZINE

The 2019 November issue of LINK Magazine dropped featuring my first magazine article - Ruel Rocks His First Vancouver Crowd. I was so excited to be a part of this issue as well as see my work published in a new medium. I'm digital based so to see a printed copy of my work psychically in my hands was insane! My friend, Andy Scheier, got his article published as well. We look like two kids on Christmas morning excited to share our work with others!

Ruel, an Australian singer songwriter performed at the Biltmore Ballroom for his first headlining show in Vancouver. With screams filling the whole room, the night was young with this youthful artist showcasing his talents.