Sol - Crazy8s Short Film

One of my teachers told me about this thing called the Crazy8's Film Competition when I first started the TV and Video Production Program at BCIT. After that moment, I was motivated to participate and hopefully be fortunate enough to take part on one of the six films that get produced every year. Launching into 2020 I had no idea I'd get the oppourtunity to take part on one of the sets, Sol. Directed by the talented Andy Alvarez, this short film was such a pleasure to be a part of and watch come to life.

I was invited to be a behind the scenes videographer for this innovative and heartfelt short. Capturing interviews from the cast and crew, and showcasing the environment on set, I edited a 2-3 minute behind the scenes video for the short. Later, I got to attend the Crazy8's Gala, which was a blast and an experience for sure!

Fake Shark - Invincible Behind the Scenes

I had the opportunity to shoot a behind the scenes video for Vancouver's electronic indie-pop band, Fake Shark. Directed by the Soska Sisters, the music video featured glass shards to slithering reptiles. I shot stills on the set too, so to multitask was a challenge, but a lot of fun! The whole crew on this shoot was so fun and encouraging to everyone. I was so fortunate.

Thank you Light Organ Records and the Soska Sisters for making this an unforgettable shoot! You can follow Fake Shark here: https://www.instagram.com/fakeshark/